Five Kingdoms that rule create a balance of power. Divided like the four directions of a compass they come to a point in the center of their world. This fifth Kingdom upholds the peace and harmony over all the lands. This Kingdom is called the Sanq Kingdom, and it is the current rulers choice to reawaken an age old legend of men, that once took flight into the skies and fought back the arrival of demonic beasts from the barren lands that threaten the fragile balance of peace.

This is the stage that is set for the world of Gundam Fantasy. This on going fanfiction soon to be turn Fan-Comic (Or Doujinshi) is the basis of what this Guild is made for. If you love Gundam and don't mind seeing your favorite stars of Gundam Wing, G Gundam, Gundam 0079, 8th MS Team, Gundam X and others, being placed into a Alternate Reality (AU) setting. Or if your just fans of fanfiction and really great fanart this might just be the Guild for you!

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Upon joining this guild you are signing a commitment that you will atleast post once a week or as often as you possibly can. Myself and my Co-Captain are growing tired when we are lied to by people who swear that they like Gundam and Gundam Wing. Their are promises of postings but no one ever does.

We are very tired of this fact. Thus if we see people failing to post within a month's time. You will be removed. There will be no refund for the money you paid to get in.

The fee is 50 Gold to get in. And no we do not plan on lowering this price.

- LaLuna_Wulf