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They year is After Colony 21-13. Man has expanded into the far reaches of space. This expansion has discovered new planets, races, and it created even more high-tech space colonies. However, in this great expansion distress, tension, and overall strife has enveloped space.

After many tragic accidents, man kind has now divided into factions and gangs in order to survive. Some desperately ally themselves with aliens, while others seek to purge the "Xenos," and others still seek to bring peace to the universe. Swords, guns, weapons of alien races, Gaint Mech-Assault Vehicles, and many other weapons form the tools that are used to wage war against each other in aggressive skirmishes, or even full out battles. Not one type of weapon can win the battles alone, or can it? In this universe which is going through a technological regression you never know.

Choose your faction! Choose your Mobile suit! Choose your race! Choose your destiny!

Due to certain events this guild is pretty much in active Q.Q we lack members to move anywhere, but if you join I'll see what I can do so tell everyone!!

Welcome to the beta XD . Changes will be made but bear with us and don't get your knickers in a knot. But other than that we are ready to go!

WARNING:This guild will have plenty of violence, sexual references, and controversial humor. If you don't like it don't join. Note 14 A is ok but don't get carried away here.

Why do you want to be in G.C.R.?

How did you find us?

Are you able to read, write and spell?

And Finally would you be so kind as to give me an Rp sample?