Set in an alternate universe to the shows, Gundam Cero contains many(but not all) suits from the various seasons and games. Some factions also exist within this world's history, though their actual agendas or positions in the world may have changed. The main story is thus

Two hundred years ago a small country by the name of Zeon began to slowly amass power by developing advanced mobile suits. The other countries of the world could not stand up to their power and soon Zeon controlled the earth. The space colonies remained nuetral during the war, giving help to both Zeon and its allies as well as their enemies, and as such made a peace treaty with the new rulers of earth.

Throughout Zeon's reign there have been periods of unrest, though each time the rebellion has been squashed down. One hundred and eighty years after Zeon began the war to conquer earth, a new unrest has begun. This time however, it has been much more carefully planned. Old allies and enemies of Zeon alike have joined forces to try to take back earth from the current tyrranical rulers and have, after twenty years of conflict (in which the space colonies have been a nuetral force once again), been able to take a decent portion of the earth away from the current rulers.

The new forces, who have named themselves the Allied Earth Federation or Earth Federation for short, are small in number compared to the Zeon forces but have been developing secret suits for years. This, along with the natural skill of their pilots, has allowed them to fight on an even footing with the Zeon forces. That being said, the forces have entered a stalemate and now the surprise of the Federation suits has worn off. With both sides developing new suits, the war could still end in either side's favor.

If that wasn't bad enough for the Federation forces, a strange energy signature has been picked up by both sides. It reacts like no known energy source and is housed within a meteorite that is breaking through the atmosphere, its current trajectory falling behind Zeon lines. Now they must try to capture the crash site so that the enemy cannot get their hands on it, for who knows what it might be usable for?

Alright so now you know the main gist of things. I'll be making a rules guide for you to read if you are interested, so I'll just write some basic rules here. (Oh, and the energy source is a crystal that will be named Cero by the Zeon forces after their cheif scientsit. But it's not set in stone that they'll get the energy source first.)

1. No. God. Modding. Enough said.

2. No metagaming (having your character know something they shouldn't be able to.)

3. Keep things pg 13. Gaia is supposedly a pg 13 site.........supposedly. As such, you can pretty much do anything up to when clothes begin to come off. Then time skip to afterward or next day. Trust me, we're all smart enough to know what happened.

4. Do not bash another person's beliefs/sexuality/lifestyle. I do not care if you think the flying purple people eater made the world by blowing through a straw. You have a right to believe that if you so choose. At the same time DON'T SHOVE YOUR BELIEFS DOWN ANYONE'S THROAT. Thank you.

5. This will be a semi lit to lit roleplay. I want decent grammar and spelling. I'm not going to crucify you if you spell a word wrong every now and then, I do the same. Its if I can't tell what the post is trying to say that I'll bring it up. Also, with the exception of not being given anything to really comment on, I'd like posts to be at least a paragraph long, that should be doable.

Okay so, if you're still reading after that (and want to join rather than shoot me) please feel free to fill out the application below and PM it to me.

Gaia Username
Have you rped before
Have you done a Gundam rp before
Where did you hear about this guild
A small rp sample (optional, though it will make my deciding a bit easier. your sample can be about anything)