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The Human Reform League ("HRL" for short) is one of the three major world powers in 2307 AD. Its territories include the Eurasian part of Russia, China, India, some countries of South Asia, the Korean Peninsula,Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea. They own the orbital elevator off the coast of Australia.

The HRL's main "Bread and Butter" Mobile Suit is the Tieren. HRL has also developed a super soldier program that notably created Allelujah Haptism and Soma Peries.

Our Allies are:

Orb Union-A Gundam Guild


Heliopolis-A Gundam Roleplay Guild

The Gaia S.O.S. Brigade

AEU-Advance European Union-A Gundam 00 Guild


Z.A.F.T.-A Gundam Guild-

~The Republic of Gaia~

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