join this guild we be haveing contest to see who win 30k-1m since this guild is new i be chooseing co-captain and crews im really looking forward to giveing the winners of the contest the money ( 30k-1m) i be looking on forms remember who post on forms the most can be crew D and alway remembe the funest part of this guild HAVEING FUN my other guild name is Twilight1928 ( feel free to join that one also) um... ill be getting alot of gaia cash cards sooon so that when the contestes beggining DONT ASK ME TO BE CO-CAPTAIN OR CREW i will be who be co-captain and crews umm... one last thing to say once we become the best guild on gaia iu be passing out 100k-900k to all the crews and co-captain and some of the members GOOD-LUCK!