Welcome to the Guild of the Phoenix. We are into anime, video games, but most of all, Cosplay
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When you join this great guild you become a part of a group of gaians that are into anime, video games who know what they are talking about.

As you may have read this is an anime cosplay guild. Anything from FMA to Trigun is up for grabs. We are looking for newbies as well as experienced gaians.

How To Join:
Fill out the join guild request.
A crew member will review your petition to join
you will get a quick response
When filling out the reason why you want to join. Submit which anime you like and the cosplay avi you would like. If nobody else has it then it will be yours. If it is already chosen a member of the crew will contact you informing you that it was already chosen. Then when you choose an avi that isn't taken I or a crew member will notify you of it's completion.