The world of Grace R.O.T.S., a world of cataclysmic fights, building shattering punches, those that can run faster than light, and even those that can slip between dimensions or even alter time.
THIS is the world of "Grace R.O.T.S."
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What sets this guild apart from most rp guilds?
In this guild we maintain a unique battle and character creation process allowing you to customize every aspect of your RP character. Meaning you can make anything from a clever quick witted spy to a menacing mastermind threatening to dominate the world.
By using an actual game system we guarantee that people can't god mod since they have actual stats to fight with, making combat fun and interesting as well as doing away with dealing with those that insist they're stronger than members that have been active far longer... with a stat system there is a chance they can back that up, but it's very unlikely if not nigh impossible dependong how big that time gap is.
The longer your active the stronger you are, so join now and start building your super powered tyrant or hero of your own.

Basic Guidelines
NO copy characters. While you can make literally any power you can think of, there is NO superman, spider man, spawn, x-men, etc. Be original with your story (if your powers happen to match so be it, but try to be original). This doesn't mean you cant make a character that can shoot webs from his/her hands and swing from building to building with spider strength, it just means that a character you make with those powers can't be "spider man" or related to them in anyway.
This is a unique universe where other comic book characters do not exist.

Send in an RP sample, we consider ourselves very literate, which means a short paragraph minimum.
Third person perspective, past tense when describing actions and present tense when describing a somethign the characters saying: such as
---Rin leaped through the air, her legs launched her several stories as she avoided the large chunk of metal thrown at her by the behemoth below. "s**t, to close" she muttered.

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