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Gotham City Safe Haven is the byproduct of a collaboration between Mayor Quincy Sharp and Dr. Hugo Strange, one of Gotham City’s brightest medical minds. Safe Haven’s benevolent benefactor has structured a perfect environment in a portion of Gotham’s old downtown area for so-called super criminals to reside peacefully alongside the very vigilantes and heroes that have tried to apprehend them. With the “guests” of Safe Haven ranging from age 18 and up, this new society designed specifically to allow these two very different types of special people to coexist will surely bring about a better understanding of themselves and the true potential of their powers.

WARNING: Gotham City Safe Haven cannot guarantee the safety of its guests. Many residents have set up specific sections they call their own, and turf wars have been known to cause many a casualty.

We are currently accepting only canon characters. To apply to Safe Haven, please check the forums to get a feel for what we're about. Afterward, follow these simple instructions:

    ✓ With your join request, include a role play sample as the character you are wishing to join as, three to five paragraphs long.
    ✓ In the message containing the sample, please include:
  • 1. Who you wish to be.
  • 2. How you came across our guild.

Thank you for your interest; we can’t wait to meet you!

Inspired by || Arkham City
Special thanks to Peachly, for the banner!