Pit your talents and skills head to head against other competitors in heated competitions in which involves winning gold prizes!. The guild will have specific competitions scheduled regularly in which your submission must be due by that dead line.

Guild membership Fee 10 Gold
(This is going to be used to fund competitions)

Competitions include
-AMV Tournaments
-Avatar Competitions (Whose avatar is the most artistic and attractive)
-Avatar Cosplay Competitions
-Drawing and real life art competitions
-Screen shot contests (Added 9/30/08 )
-Many more to come! (Added 9/30/08 )

(The actual amount of gold won will vary with the number of people who participate in each competition. But each winner will receive the majority of the jackpot.)

Winners Circle:
Image of the Month:
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Whether you decide to take part on any competitions or not is entirely up to you! If you do not want to enter, you don't have to! Only the people who compete are required to pay the entry fee into the competitions! You can take part in as many, or as few competitions as you please.

1.) There is a small entry fee for each competition you enter to help fund for the prize money. The fee will usually be something small so that everyone can afford it, and the more competition, the better!

2.) Your submissions must be your OWN WORK! If I catch you taking or copying others work and claiming it to be your own as a submission into ANY competition, you will not only be disqualified, but I will take the possibility of permanent ban into serious consideration from the guild itself.

I do have ways of enforcing this rule to make it impossible to get a fake submission past me, so don't underestimate me.

3.) Any submission MUST be viewable by ME and any of the judges that I appoint and promote. In other words, do NOT send me or the judges anything via email, or some kind of download. To be safe, all video media must be saved to youtube and be in perfect working condition by the dated deadline. (Or an equivalently functioning site LIKE youtube.)(Added 9/30/08 )

Any questions or comments can be sent to me via email, just message me on Gaia, because I wont post my email on the message boards or in the description. (Swordsmen-x)