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Still accepting!

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Welcome to our Role Playing Guild devoted to the wonderful game that is Golden Sun!

Here we fellow Golden Sun fans RP together in a grand adventure that is currently exploring earlier days of Weyward, before the sealing of the elemental Lighthouses! Here's the deal:

500+ years ago, the world of Weyward was very different from how we know it now. Weyward was vast and full of life! The mighty Leumerians, pioneers of the world have discovered a wonderous thing: concentrations of pure elemental energies in solid form, that have been thus dubbed "Elemental Stars" for their unearthly power. Few others know of these unique bits of matter, and none understand fully how they greatly magnify adepts' psynergy, but the gracious Leumerians and their generous Queen Queras has decreed that such power should be shared with the rest of the world. As such, she has commanded that monoliths that will moderate and disperse the power of the stars be erected. Unbeknown to the gracious Leumerians though, is the terrible backlash of the stars' power, both upon the world and the human heart alike.

Whether you would like to join us in this journey or would just like a place to start up your own RP (we can do parallel RPs), veteran and new RPs are welcome alike!

We are accepting people for the main event still. Even though we've already started, the story is broad and open ended and we can introduce new role players along the way with ease.

Main story details

note: at the moment, we do not plan to make adjustments to our story line to accommodate new information presented in Dark Dawn even if it means that we stray from being potentially canon.