Welcome to the Gold Diggers and Pollwhores Guild (GDAPW)

GDAPW is an active community with members who love making gold by being random, weird and wacky while chatting and making polls.

Here are some rules to ensure the enjoyment of all members

Follow the ToS
This shouldn't need to be stated but is here as a reminder. This includes NO CYBERING! You will be instantly banned if there is any form of cybering. Extreme page stretching with text or pictures is also a not acceptable. If there is a stretch to a thread or post you are making, please give warning in the title.

All members must post in this guild at least 20 times or they will be subject to removal
Members should show some activity/posts every month, although we understand that everybody has a real life away from Gaia. If you will be absent for a decent amount of time notify a mod when you are leaving and when you will return. Otherwise, members deemed inactive by the crew will be removed from the guild on a monthly basis.

[We are a guild which encourages all members to be as active as possible! The only bumping accepted will be in topics started by the crew and dedicated to that purpose. Any others made will be deleted on sight and the user will receive a warning. Spamming includes bumping, 14/28G posts, reposting the same thing, etc. This doesn't include random off-topic conversation as random conversation is both good and fun. We love random conversations, but seeing the whole front page with one person's name on it is overkill.

No Offensive Posts
Any persons who post a remark or anything offensive towards another member may receive a warning first or be banned immediately- depending upon the severity.
*Note* Excessive swearing can be seen as offensive to some people, so please keep the foul language to a minimum. And also remember sexual comments are discouraged. Remember we have ALL AGE groups here!

All topics MUST have polls*
We are pollwhores after all! If you create a topic and it does not include a poll, you will be notified in the thread or by Private Message. If you do not add a poll or choose to ignore the message your thread will be deleted.
*There is, however, no rule stating that your polls need to make any sense.

No advertising other guilds
Signatures will not be included in this as that is your free ground.

Guild members work hard for their gold, and you should too. If you are caught begging, you will be banned. (There are places for begging and this is not one of them). If a member is kind enough to do a giveaway make sure you follow their conditions and show respect.

Have fun and help others have fun!
If you see a thread or post by a member in which they have broken a rule of the guild or ToS, please do not chew off their head. It will either make him/her feel humiliated or it will start an unnecessary fight. This also gives a bad image of yourself and/or that of the guild. Politely tell them they have broken a rule and move on - please and thank you. You could also report it to a guild mod if you are unsure of what to say/do. If it's really a problem don't hesitate to message Sagebomb, the captain, and he and/or the crew will take care of the issue.

If you wish to donate to the guild send a trade to sagebomb stating its a donation for GDAPW otherwise feel free to make donations on your own, or run your own competition

If you would like to join this guild, please be sure to have read the rules, and send in a request with a reason for joining. We're looking for a sentence or two of why you would like to join, as oppose to something like, "i luv goldz lul". Also, if you submit a request and don't write ANYTHING, we will not accept your submission. And when you're approved, don't be afraid to post a thread (say hi, pass out cookies, ask random questions, it's all good). It's a great way for us to get to know you, and we highly encourage it. Thank you.