This guild is a tribute to the gods of Rock...Band.

We are a guild who loves Guitar Hero and Rockband!
We love to play all the instruments and love to compete.

If you wish to join we have a small test.

1)What difficulty do you play on?
2)What instrument do you play?
3)Do you own a Guitar Hero or Rockband game?
4)Do you have a life?
5)What is the last song you must beat in Guitar Hero 2?
6)What is the last song you must beat in Rockband?
7)What is the last song you CAN beat in GUitar Hero 3?
cool Do you love playing GH or RB or do you like playing?
9)What is the last Character you can unlock in Guitar Hero 2?
10)What are the Guitar Hero 3 Battles, in order from Start to Finish.

Please include all answers in your Join Request.

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