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The end is upon us! The world is done for! There's no hope!

The year is 2094, and these are the sounds of the apocalypse... It has been years since the Aegis Project and the glory days of the Far East Branch. Despite this however, the branch is now considered the top branch, due part to the fact that it's one of the few left standing since that time, and that it has the best record considering the small amount of God Eaters on staff...

But even with this great honor, the branch lost hundreds of records in the chaos created by the Aegis Project, and so... the branch now has to start from square one...

The entire world is falling apart, and the Far East Branch needs to be on their toes now more than ever before...

Λɼҁ Ѻηҽ: Ҭɦҽ Şʈąɼʈ

The Director has begun planning on how to fight back, upping the number of test subjects, in order to bolster the ranks of the Den. A number of New-Types are arriving, each one an exceptional subject, further pushing the Den towards the upcoming events of the Far East Branch.

1. You can have up to 3 Gods Eaters for now, but keep ALL of them active.

2. Please don't have any OP weapons please. I mean, you're not fighting each other, but we want everyone's God Arc to seem fair.

3. If you don't mind, please keep the cursing and romance to a small amount. I'm not saying it can't happen, but we don't want any mods slammin' on us ;D

When you join please pm this to the Cap'n
Why you want to join
How active you are
How much you know about Gods Eater Burst(even if you don't know anything it'll be fine, i'm just curious as to how much you know if you do know anything)
A short sample of your RP skills(just a paragraph works for me ^^)