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Humanity is dying out while the Aragami are rising.

We need hope...

We need strength

We need...God Eaters

Let the Feast Begin..

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Request form

How long have you've been role playing?

How did you find out about this guild?

What do you know about the games?

Give me an RP sample of 1 paragraph(at least 5 sentences)

Basic Rules

-Please post at least three sentences,no one liners.

-No god modding,that means no auto killing or never missing.

-Please,This is must! If you join,you must be active! I'll ban you after 3 weeks if you don't reply. Only way around this is to post in the Hiatus thread and state how long you will be gone. If you are un-active,I will kill your character(s) off.
put i'm a gawds 8er in your request to show you read the basic rules