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The story line has been added to.

Role Play Is Now OPEN!!!

And so is Character Creation

We were minding our own business when out of nowhere we were snatched up by random men, knocked out, and stashed in the cargo hold of a private jet. Upon waking up, we hear from the pit that we will become slaves, sacrifices, (sex slaves) etc. etc.

Not wanting to stand for this, we break free of our bindings and kill the drivers. The only problem is, no one can fly the plane.

We crash in who knows which ocean, saved by only a high reef the caught the plane and kept it afloat. In the distance, we can see what looks like some blueish mass of land.

We swim to find a luscious, (it's actually green and we don't know why it looked so blue) life filled island, but there are no people. Only a beach, which fades out into a forest, and then a tall mountain, about a 2 to 4 day's journey away. The forest is a strange place. It almost feels super natural, but it's not like it is, right?

Upon arrival, we some how are given three facts:
We are on Glasynys,
We are never going home, and
Don't go in to the forest alone.

Will we survive?


cat_question Which chapter are we roleplaying now?

cat_exclaim Chapter 3

cat_question Where do I start to rp?

cat_exclaim The Prequel. You should put at least one in character post here first.

cat_question Wait, what's happened in the story?

cat_exclaim The Story Thus Far

cat_question Where do I make my character?

cat_exclaim Islander Creation

cat_exclaim Islander List is where you can quickly look at all the characters.

cat_question What does this place look like again?

cat_exclaim Scenery

cat_question Olabisi isn't super strict, is she?

cat_exclaim Not really. Only OCD but don't worry.

cat_exclaim Rules

cat_question Is Olabisi a control freak who imprisons her guild members and makes them follow her plot and her plot only, threatening them with the promise that she will take all their chocolate!?

cat_exclaim Of course not.

cat_exclaim Decisions, decisions

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