For too long the Greedy have been taking advantage of the Generous. This guild consists of Charities, DTTPAY's and random gifting threads, united against the greedy.

This is a place where we can discuss the rule breakers of our respective organisations, make other Generous aware of the Greedy and protect ourselves against them so that our gifts and hard work may instead go to the Needy.

Too many Greedy get away with what they do by simply moving on to another thread before they get noticed, or do something considered bad enough to be reported to mods. With the Givers Alliance, The Greedy will be found.

Moderators, Owners, Co-owners and mules of any and all Generous threads and Organisations welcome.

If you wish to join, please put the thread you belong to and you position in it.

If you are on the Greedy list and would like to be removed from it because you have changed, you must apologise and right your wrongs

If you are one the Greedy list and would like to dispute the claims made against you, simply PM the guild mule (GiversAlliance) with your evidence.