Hello i am candy nuts ayoo And i am the captain of this guild of 9/14/10. this guild has been in 3 hands. i will be the 4th person to own this guild..

to join this guild we would like you to put down this info realy quick
why you like to join:
will you donate:
this guild is all about donateing then we held contest the winner gets the gold easy as that. this guild is not a scam or a lie so i will put the guidelines on here so you cant say i will take your gold and keep it and you cant report this guild
1. Any Sexual Content Will Be Banned From The Guild. Our Mods (crew and vice captains) Will Take care of it
2. Any Donations You Send Us In A Trade Will Be Used For Contest Only. If Not Used For Contest. We Will Return All The Gold You Have Sent us.
3. If You Donate You Will Get A Little Gift For Donating. Now Dont Get Mad If Its Something Cheap. Its Not Like We Got A Gold Giver Cheat.
4.Our Crew Members Are Required To Poast 3 Times A Week To
Keep This Guild At A PG-13
5. Our Vice Captian Is Required To Poast 5 Times A Week And They Are Required To Report Any PG-13 Content To The Guild Captian.

thats are rules and guidlines so it is stated so if anything happends like we take gold from you and never run a contest.
then You Have The Right To Get your gold back
but remember this, if this guild doesnot say a word about a contest within 5 days of your donation you have the right to contact the captain of the guild. now if the captian says more donations and extends the time. that is not stealing or theft. thank you and have a great day gaia members and mods.
this is also a guild for jobs. i can help you with a job sence i can help you have one around the guild so pm me for detales
thanks,candy nuts ayoo