Welcome To "Get Rich Quick ƒrom Me!" You know how it is Lame how your going to like rally and all that people call you noobs and all that Aren't You tired of it wel aren't ya! well have no fear in this guild you will be getting gold ƒrom me! because you c im 'bout to get this 50 mil ƒrom my friend you know k=no one else cause like you know he dosent do randomness so you still want at least maybe 1 mil well come here to My guild and you… matter of fact i will give you @ least 300k a day hows that sound? perfect …eh? you see at this guild its better cause in stead of those Fony guild saying get rich quick right now They are lieing see they want you to don8 to them they wont give you lots of gold they just lie about it so wont 300k a day well come to this great old guld Hope we get enough People xD see you in The Guilds!