LGBT Naruto Fans Unite! I've made groups for this specific demographic elsewhere and it's always been a blast, so I figured why not for zOMG too? )

**Rules, MUST READ**
1. Please do not join if you're straight and cisgender
2. Any trolling, homophobia, or transphobia will get you kicked and reported immediately
3. No fujoshi (yaoi* fangirls)
*[no, m/m ships and yaoi are not the same thing- yaoi is a genre of oversexualized and homophobic depictions of m/m relationships.]
4. Absolutely no incestuous or ***** ships.
5. The only time slurs are acceptable are when it's a word you have the right to reclaim and you're using it as a self descriptor or toward others who you KNOW are okay with it
6. RPing as characters is welcome but not required, and please type the word 'pescado' into the field labeled 'j.r. password' thank you
7. Please, just be respectful. Let's make friends and have fun!
8. and of course follow all gaiaonline TOS, rules & guidelines

**Join Request Layout**
Time Zone
Favorite Naruto character
J.R. Password [NOT your account password, read the rules if you're confused]

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