The guild is on hiatus.

The votes have been tallied and the guild *will* reboot!

We're working to get things ready and will send an announcement soon.
Members with zero posts are being removed.
You may reapply when the guild reopens.


Please follow all directions below or
your join request will be denied.

Welcome to Gathering of Adult Friends! This is a guild aimed at adults who are at least 18 years old. It was created out of a thread of the same name, and is intended as a place for discussion, conversation, and general frolicking without having the younger set underfoot.

We have a large number of subforums for a wide variety of topics, although the main forum is the first stop for all discussion, and (with one or two exceptions) the subforums are used for organizing old threads.

While the guild is open to anyone who's had their 18th birthday, we do have some expectations

  1. Please have your full birthday (including year) visible in your profile and your profile set to public view. This will allow us to accept your join request much more quickly. If you don't know how to make your birthday visible, you can change that setting here, and to make your profile public viewable is here.

  2. Please be mature and respectful of others in the guild.

  3. We do screen applicants based on post history as well as profile and what is said in the application. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending), we do have minimum expectations of displayed maturity and respect, as we don't appreciate trolls.

  4. Please do not donate to the guild bank. That gold can not be used for anything right now except purchasing subforums, and we have all we need. If you wish to donate to the guild, please donate it to the guild mule. Please keep in mind, however, that the guild mule is not checked on a consistent basis. Please PM Endrael or one of the vice captains if a trade request sits for more than a week.