GWC:GG is a guild dedicated to honor the code of
making Gaia the community it should be.
A community where you make new friends, get creative,
be allowed to express yourselves
and be open to new experiences,
protecting and preserving the community culture of Gaia from the Olden Days.
It perceives Gaia as a safe outlet, a means of escape from the stress
that comes with life.
Here people want to help each other, and share ideas on how to improve this site.
Basically Gaians who want to help improve gaia...
whether to stop bullying,
create and petition for new ideas, or more.

And please if you put in a join request, add a reason you'd be interested in joining (I want to help)
2. If you want to discuss something another user(s) has/have done, DO NOT use their name. (unless complimenting them)
3. Don't put down other people's ideas. Constructive criticism is great, but don't out right put it down. If you don't think it is a good idea, explain how to make it better

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Our affiliates!
~Tell me about it! The guild for Venting~

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