Tired of squashing Palmetto bugs? Need a break from honking at old people who drive at 20mph on I-75? Feel like if one more person asks how to pronounce Kissimmee, you'll explode?

You've come to the right place. Welcome to the Gaians of Florida Guild. Here's a place for you to discuss anything from old people to hurricanes, Disney to Miami. It's a place where everyone automatically knows that 'snowbird' is an insult, and where Tamiami Trail is a frequented road for half the members. Any discussion about Florida is welcome, be it events, complaints, inquiries, or general chatter. Share your tips on dodging snowbird traffic or the closest bathroom stop off Alligator Alley. Chat with people from the tippy-top of the Panhandle to the Capital of South America, Miami, to the near-Florida-Straits area so close to Cuba you can touch it. Whether you do the big Gator clap or chant "Massacre," you'll be welcome here.

Acceptance Policy:
Anyone who lives in this great Lightning Capital of the World will be accepted. You'll also be accepted if you lived here but moved away, or even if you're married/related to a native Floridian.
If you don't fall into one of these categories, we'd still love to have you. However, we're asking that you donate 30g to the guild once we accept you. The reason behind this is that we don't want members coming in for a week just because they're vacationing down here, ask some questions, and then leave. Keeping this in mind, please do NOT leave the join request blank!

Also: Anyone found making election jokes will be feathered, tarred, and left in the middle of the Florida Turnpike on a Spring Break weekend.


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