A single man decided to host an open tournament for all fighters that wished to compete for the title of Gaia's greatest fighter--the greatest fighter in the omniverse, across worlds, galaxies, timelines, the multiverse, realms, realities, and planes--using his own wealth, materials, connections, and abilities to construct a stadium for the event. Welcome.

GTB VII has been revamped and will be undergoing a very different format this year. A battle royale that will take place in a large city. All limits are off.

For details, check here: GTB VII: Multiverse Rules

For OOC thread: GTB VII OOC

New Members Notice

Since new members are applying to the guild, there is some things you should know upon joining.

This guild hosts the Gaian Tenkaichi Budokai tournament, a single player tournament that happens once every year, though I may run other events from time to time. During the registration period of a tournament, it will be announced here and then an OOC thread would be made in Barton OOC. If a tournament is already going on, then you will not be able to compete until the next one. But you can participate as a spectator and rp in the non-combat threads. Just read the rules to at least understand how the tournament runs. If you have suggestions for things we should do to make the guild better for you, just use the Suggestion thread in our guild.

Thank you!