A Gaian guild for fans of the Sierra Online adventure games (King's Quest, Quest for Glory, Space Quest, etc) and the You Don't Know Jack games.

If you're a fan of Sierra and darn proud of it, please join!

A few ground rules, to ensure everyone plays fair (and to prevent from getting Leon angry)

* No adult themed material. Try to keep it PG-13 at most.
--In artwork, if you HAVE to include some nudity, keep it undetailed tasteful nudity (think Princess Sally from Sonic minus vest and boots). And please no sexual stuff--there are other websites for that.
--In dialogue, if there is some expletives, try to keep them at a minimum. In RPs, they can serve to put some spice in it, but good RPs or stories don't necessarily need strong language.
--In RPs and stories, some violence is okay, just don't have a gallon of blood gush out every time someone gets hit. Show some restraint.

* Also, no flaming. The main forums tell this too, and I too say this. No insults, flame wars, or whatever. If you have to have an intense personal argument, do it in personal email, not here.

* Copyright rules... eh, basically, no stealin' stuff, okay? I don't want to have to deal with thieves. It gets really messy.

Hopefully, the rules are simple and fair enough.