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Welcome to the Gaian Performing Arts Guild, a guild for all of you performers out there! This includes actors, singers, dancers, independent filmmakers, techies (WOOT!), playwrights (happy? we had a thread about it already) and basically anyone who wants to discuss the aspects of well..performing arts. Thus, the name. We hope to provide a supportive union for everyone on gaia who joins, especially since there are so few guilds of our nature out there. I could only find 2 or 3 give or take a few.

As some of you may have noticed, our guild kind of...died. For a bit. And probably still is dead. But really, that is my fault as much as it is yours. A lot of people have been sending join requests, so I figure I'll get off my a** and actually do something. Hahaha. Yeah. Anyway...

Please read our guild rules before you decide to join. If you cannot follow them, we will be forced to ask you to leave.
To join our guild? We have...a few requirements to keep intelligent conversation. Because nobody likes the n00bs....

1. All members must have read the rules and understand them.
2. All members must understand that if you get annoying enough, we will have to kick you out.
3. All members will be mauled with pms if they ignore rules
4. All members must know what Capitalization and punctuation are.
5. Typos are acceptable, but u is a letter, every1 and me2 are something to be left in Algebra, and repeatedly using caps locks doesn't make you cool, just more stupid than you would have sounded using normal letters.

Okies? So please, I beg of thee, use proper English, manners, and every button on the keyboard. And I would really appreciate some 2-5 sentence applications for the guild. Thank you.

~The Management