NOTICE Due to guild founder inactivitiy, __penguin__ has recently created a coup and seized ownership of the guild. Original founder/guild creation credit goes to Aeren!

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Have you been trying to lose weight? Feeling a little down and need some support? This guild is the place for you. We have many resources as well as challenges to keep you motivated.

We do NOT support fad dieting or extreme weight-loss strategies such as starving. This is for people trying to lose weight by eating healthily and exercising.
We also allow guys into our guild.
Please include...
Why you think this guild is the place for you?
What habits you need to change?
How you would support other members or contribute to the guild?
What is your weight loss goal? (doesn't have to be a number; it could be to fit in your old jeans, or to lose a certain number of inches, or anything as long as it's healthy)

We will not criticize whether you have 5 lbs to lose, or 50.
Flamers will be banned for harassing people.