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Gaian Glee Club

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Gaian Glee Club but were too lazy to ask.

What exactly is going on in this guild?
A group of gaians are posting recordings of ourselves doing the assignments Mr. Shuester gives his Glee Club each week.

Because we want to.

Is this a competition? Are you guys professionals? Is it okay if I suck?
No, this is not a competition. We're doing this for fun because we like singing, even if some of us, not to name names (Kittywitch!) really shouldn't sing.

Do I have to do all of the assignments?
No, just do the ones you want to. If that's all of them, then do all of them.

Do I have to do the assignments in order?
Not unless you want to.

Which one should I do first?
Whichever one you want. If you'd like, do Laryngitis (a song that expresses who you are) first, to introduce yourself, but it is not required.

Where do you find the background music?
You can find karaoke versions of alot of songs on Youtube. You could also go to or