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This guild has many things about it.

We are a Role Playing Guild.

You may advertise items for sale as well.

There is a place just to hang out.

You and Your friends are welcome.

Let me know if there is anything you need.

Brief Rules

1) Keep it PG-13

2) No hazing, bullying, spamming, or otherwise mean behavior.

3) Respect those around you. We can all get along here.

I hope You all have fun and get along. You are all my Gaia Family and I want you all to treat each other like family.



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2)Popular Animes

3)Anything you wish for me to add.


1)Advertise Items and Services for sale

2)Post when the item is sold

3)Items for sale DO NOT need to be in the Marketplace.

4)Be sure to specify if the sale is a private one.


1)Be Respectful

2)No Spamming

Message Me If You Need Anything Else. You May Also Contact My Vice Captains.