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The "Gaian British Guild" is a rallying flag for Gaian Britons who have been hitherto stranded in a sea of funny spelling and those who do not understand our humour.

A Guild founded by Invictus_88, Illyrianth and Knightsedge. Veterans of the ExED "British Stereotypes" thread. We have a long and fair history. Only one member has ever been banned and that was for unacceptable abuse.

Literate people from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Mann, the Bailiwicks (indeed, Eire too) as well as those from Commonwealth countries are heartily welcome. Hell, we even take Americans these days. wink

We do expect you to write clearly: capitals where appropriate, full stops after sentences, commas and semicolons. It keeps everything on a level playing field if we all write properly.

You need not be of British birth, only of British enthusiasm. An odd preoccupation with yoghurt or other such eccentricities never goes amiss too.. don't say we didn't warn you!