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Welcome to the Gaian Atheists United guild!
This is a relaxed place for discussion and debate amongst fellow Atheists on topics relating to religion, evolution, or anything else under the sun.

[+]The Only Requirements We Ask Of Our Members are being capable of posting understandably and being Atheist. (There is some overlap allowed with Agnostics since there can be a gray area in how people define Agnosticism and Atheism.) We don't expect perfect grammar or spelling, but we do not want to see posts that are completely net-speak either. We want our members to be able to participate and hold discussions.

  • There is a 'random subforum for contests, games, and all kinds of threads that aren't really discussion based.
  • The new Q&A subforum is geared towards the curious and those who aren't Atheist.

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    [+]To join you MUST:
    • Explain why you want to join the guild.
    • In short, tell us why you are an Atheist.
    • And please tell us how you found out about the guild.
    • DO NOT simply say that you want to join because you're Atheist.
      ---If You Are NOT Atheist or Agnostic and for whatever reason you would like to join, you must PM G_A_U instead of submitting a request.

    [NOTE - An Atheist guild does not mean an anti-religion flame fest.
    It is also not a place for people to come with attempts to convert or insult. Keep things clean and friendly.]