I have searched near and far for a worthy guild to join that could help me on my way to becoming a better thespian, but sadly to no avail. So, here is what I have come down to, creating one!

So I invite you to brouse about and decipher the language of the Theatrical arts! You dont have to be a roleplayer, you dont have to be literate at all! Because a thespian is a thespian, period. And even a techie is worthy to join!

Here is where you could possibly find monologues for your next and upcoming audition, you could find acting advice and learn the ways of the stage. And if you aren't into the helping side, and like to discuss things, theres that too! Discuss about plays you are or were involved in! Talk about the amazing broadway shows! Anything can happen here! ( I really do mean everything... You know you can die onstage right....? biggrin )

So, Send me those applications!

All the world is a stage, and the people within merely characters! So the show MUST go on!