We are the Gaia Host Club. Our job is to entertain those who request our services. As you might have guessed, this idea is from Ouran High School Host Club. But things are going to be done slightly differently. We are not going to be hosts only but hostesses as well. The king will be decided when enough applications for hosts come in. I am going to be the queen of the hostess club.

Conditions for joining the host club as a host
1. You must have a School Uniform. It can either be custom (meaning you designed it yourself but it has to look like a school uniform) or a standard uniform that can be found in the shops or in the marketplace.
2. You must be able to place yourself firmly into a type. Cool, Prince, Strong, Quiet, Bookworm etc...

In your request to join I would like you to put the following

1. Your activity. (How active you are on gaia)
2. Your type.
3. Which School uniform you are going to use.
4. Username. (gaia username or what you want to be referred to as.)
5. Age and grade. (Or just make up an age and grade for your avatar)


♥ Be nice

♥ Do not make fun of the others

♥ Please follow TOS

♥ Please post often to keep this alive

♥ Above all else, have fun!

♥ Also most important rule: NO FIGHTING

Any one who breaks these rules will be kicked out. THIS IS NOT A BLUFF!!

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