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Gaia Gold // A Discussion Guild!

What is Gaia Gold?

This is a guild.
Do you like to talk? Then that's perfect! We don't have a limit as to what you'd like to talk about, whether it's about orange juice or Pokemon or today's latest music fads.
But all should be remembered that because this IS a guild, it is to be treated as a group of mature people. We do not tolerate begging, trolling, or spamming of any kind, so please keep all of that in mind as you post in our forums.
Where the Gaia community come to talk, about anything an everything. The Gold of our guild is our member's lively attitudes. People are always online and of course everyone loves to talk!

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Updates & News

Under New Management!

+ The guild's old leader has left due to the military, and has now given the guild over to Dressia.

+ Old threads and members are taken care of as we slim out all parts of the guild. Call it a Spring Cleaning!

+ Follow the Rules and Guidelines of Gaia Community.

Banner Contest!

+ As the guild is under new management and the guild is coming anew, we are holding a Banner Contest to bring our members into a new event!

+ Please at least take a look at our latest event! Or even enter a banner for a prize!

+ Only for members!!!

Links of Interest

+ Survey

+ Are you new to the guild?? Come introduce yourself here!

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Sub-forum Links:

+ Mod Chat (Captain, Vice Captains, Crew Only)
+ Chatterbox
+ Charity // Donations // Questing
+ Questions // Comments // Concerns // Gaia Q&A // Real Life Q&A
+ Introductions // Are you new to Gaia or the Guild?
+ General Chat

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Aspects of Guild Inspired By:
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Important News on Donating!

Our guild's till is very high! Over 400k gold.
We don't need gold, as we are in a safe range of money.
If you want to donate to the guild, holding a small contest is always a good idea!
Thank you to all who have donated to the guild, and those who hold contests!