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Welcome to the Gaia Dating Service. Here we help gaians find their virtual/role play boyfriend/girlfriend. We have many different places for these rp dates, and we are open year 'round! So come post and ad in the classifieds and join us here at Gaia Dating Service!


There's snow on the ground, and people are buldled up tight outdoors in this cold weather. The sun shining bright makes the snow sparkle and look even more white. It's said that winter is a perfect time for romance. Holding the one you love close while claiming to to keep warm, or snuggling up next to a fire for a romantic evening indoors. Could there be anything better?
Well, come in and enjoy the beautiful winter weather that can make for some of the most romantic dates. Come in, and find the one you want to share these memories with.

Remember: The Gaia Dating Service is NOT for finding real love, this is more or less a role play. We know that everyone wants that special someone in real life but it is not safe if you meet them here on Gaia. Please keep that in mind when using this service, we are not responsiable for any actions that happen out side of this guild.