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Tired of Joining a really good Role Play only to have it die withing a week?
Tired of God Modders?
Tired of One Liners?
Tired of Illiteracy?
We feel your pain. And we have felt your pain for long enough. Hence forth we have created this guild for those of us who want good, literate Role Plays that will last.

Welcome to Gaea's Sanctuary.

This guild does not just accept anyone though, the Vice Captains and Captain will search for Literate Role Players. If you are recommended to us we will consider you, but you must offer an example of your writing.

We are always accepting applications from new role players.


What Can you expect within our Guild?
Within our guild you can find a wide variety of forums that have been created to meet your various role playing needs. From our six role play sub forums that are designed to meet six specific genres.

»Realm of Impossibility: Fantasy Based Role Plays
»Gaea's Academy: School and University Based Role Plays
»Crossover Haven: Series Based Role Plays
»Killers Playground: Horror and Mystery Based Role Plays
»Private Hiding: 1 x 1 Role Plays
»Random Refuge: Miscellaneous Role Plays

Then there are are the other forums that have been formed simply to help you as role players. Such as our Tutorial Sub-Forum, and our Suggestions and Comments Sub Forum.

Have we caught your attention yet? Are you ready to join a steadily growing guild? If you have answered yes then all we ask is this.

Simply send us an example of your role playing skills.

*Note: If you do not send us an example we will be hesitant to accept. We need an example of your writing. Whether it be a link to a role play you are already in, or a copy and paste from a past post.*

With all that said and done come in and join us! We are always looking for new friends and fellow role players in our sanctuary.


I am Imagination
I can see what the eyes cannot see
I can hear what the ears cannot hear
I can feel what the heart cannot feel