All Cosplays are Allowed

OC's (aka Original Cosplays) are allowed but must fit character criteria

Answer the Questions 1-12 in your request to join
or your request could get Declined!

copy and paste

1. Who do you cosplay as?
2. What game, anime, show or etc. is your cosplay from?
3. What is your Gaia Age?
4. What is your Post Count?
5. Is this your main account or a mule?
6. Where did you hear about this clan?
7. Why do you want to join this clan?
8. Are you in a similar or affiliated clan or guild?
9. Have you ever been banned for anything or received any warnings?
10. Have you ever applied to join before?
11. How many of "Completed" zOMG Badges do you have?
12. How often do you play zOMG?

The Guild Homepage Image will be Edited to perfection Soon!

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