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Grimoire Private School
Welcome to Grimoire.
A private high school and university.
This is a place where gifted students
can come to escape the hateful eyes of humans
and be around those just like them.
The school's main event every few months,
is a battle tournament.
Students fight one on one battles
for a grand prize.
The winner of the whole tournament will get
10k gaia gold and an item.
Each winner gets a different item.

1. Follow the TOS!
2. Romance is fun, don't go too far.
{What happens in the 1x1 forum, stays in the 1x1 forum.}
3. Be respectful. Don't be a bully.
4. If you're not going to be active, don't join.
5. Let us know if you are going to be unable to post.
6. Always post in RP format: with a picture, italics for thought.
7. Use proper spelling and grammar.

Now working on a new event to fill time
between now and next tournament.
It's winter time!
More to come.