A Geisha is a Japanese woman who entertains people (usually men), with classical Japanese arts. She is skilled in singing, dancing, playing musical instruments for example, shamisen. serving food, drinks like sake, and tea, and practiced in conversation.The word Geisha is written θŠΈθ€… in Japanese, and means an artistic performer, or an entertainer. The traditional age of a geisha to start their training is three years and three days. She becomes apprenticed also known as a maiko to a senior, often retired Geisha, and during this many years long apprenticeship she is called a Maiko (舞子), which means a child dancer.

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We are not prostitutes.''Entertaining'' doesn't always mean trowing yourself at your customers

When you join this guild it doesn't mean your a Geisha it means your TRAINING to become one ...If you want to join all you have to do is tell me your reason of joining.

Becoming a proper Geisha isn't easy as it seems is requires hard work,respect, discipline.Once you join you will have to follow my rules my rules are plain simple..

-Respect me
-Devote yourself to becoming a Geisha
-Take it seriously
-Don't call me ''Desire" ..It's " Lady Desire"

Simple aren't they?

If you want more info on this contact me (( pm me)) and I will answer all your questions ...

Questions frequently asked

Do we need to wear a kimono all the time?

Yes you do.Why? Because Geisha's always wear kimonos.

Do we have to play with men?

NO.there is no "playing'' whatsoever like I said before ''Entertaining" doesn't always mean trowing yourself at the customers.

How many Geisha's will we have?

Out of 15 in training to become geisha's only 5 will make it.

Do we have maids?

Not at the moment.But in the future you will...
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