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The story of the zodiac is one that most are familiar with. The story of the Sohma family, on the other hand, is different. A select few know of Tohru Honda, an optimistic outsider who stumbled upon the family secret after taking up residence with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo Sohma. The god of that time, Akito, chose for her own reasons to allow Tohru to keep her memories. What followed was the unraveling of the Sohma curse, and it has become legend in the Sohma family today. A few generations passed before the normalcy of the Sohma family was shattered. A baby was born, handed to a parent of the opposite gender, and in a puff of smoke, the Sohma family’s world changed. The zodiac curse has returned, and with it, the old pain and suffering that cursed ones experienced generations and generations ago.

Here is where our story begins. We will follow this new generation of cursed Sohma's and watch as they grow up. We will watch them deal with their curse, their fellow zodiac, their god, outsiders, and their desire or detest for freedom from the cards fate has dealt them.

Is the Sohma family doomed to remain in the clutches of the zodiac curse forever? That is up to you to decide.

God: Yue Sohma - Shadow_Angel1234567890
Dog: Shinako Sohma - Zoeybird92
Ox: Haruhi Sohma - Aria-E-G
Dragon: Takashi Sohma - Tiny14xx
Snake: Sukeru Sohma - Tirena Reikasu
Ram: Kikana Sohma - Kanako Flare
Monkey: Mitsu Sohma - Captivating Songbird
Cat: Horiya Sohma - Karljna

Contest 1 - Prize 10,000 gold

1) All Gaia Rules
2) No jerks! Lets all befriends!
3) I do not care how much you post. I don't post much myself
4) Use Pics in Posts! And their Names in big letters thanks! 3
5) No posting in small type. It hurts my eyes
6) Say "Magic Dog that can read" When you want to join the guild
7) Your more than welcome to play more than one person
8 ) I am Law. you have 3 warnings about you are kicked out
9) NO! God Modding!
10) ONLY use photobucket IMG codes. NOWHERE else
11) I am free to ADD rules whenever I feel I have too. My word is law in this roleplay

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