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"I am Amity Rajani, Founder of Fogwood Hill Creature Sanctuary! All creatures are welcome here, no matter how big or small, so if you'd like to stay here you are very much welcome! Or if you've come to sight see, why not visit some of the surrounding villages and towns?
You'll find that every creature residing here is perfectly content and willing to do so. Unruly creatures or those who must be contained for some or any reason, such as a werewolf during the full moon or the carrier of a potential epidemic, are made as comfortable as possible during their containment. Those who continually disturb the peace, will be thrown out.
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Also, it might be interesting to note that our residents can choose to remain or become feral, or live amongst others like themselves in our society.
So, come on in and step on out into the colorful world of Fogwood Hill!"

-TOS MUST be followed
-We ask you to please TRY to be active, inactive members are essentially useless to ANY guild...
-Be respectful and polite
-Try to be at least semi-literate
-No cybering/godmodding. If you're going to kill another person's character, make sure it's alright with them first. And if you're going to cyber, take it to the PMs!
-You can have multiple characters, but try not to take on TOO many. For example, having 20 characters is just irrational!
Thanks, and enjoy the guild! It's free to join!