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Do you want to be a manga artist? Want your manga translated into anime? Want it to be your career? Want to spend the rest of your working life doing something you love?

That's the type of question I ask beginner artists of manga.The Nagatoist,that's my name,and I want people from across Gaia to join me in hope of aspiring manga and anime success.

We are a friendly community and we require that all members be respectful of other members and their art as well as be especially respectful to the staff.We don't have any mega-critic/trolls here.We will judge your art according to our pure knowledge of manga and include no other kinds of criticism whatsoever.

We will have many fun events,events such as advertising and showcasing our art,making our own anime series,and a prime manga project which we all will work on.

Anyone who even likes anime and manga can join.Been drawing manga-style for years,but still can't get it right? Feel free to browse our tutorials in the "Mangaka Handbook"! The tutorials here will provide you with the necessary skills needed for manga drawing.
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To join,you need to provide the following information.
1.Why do you want to join?
2.How often are you on Gaia Online?