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Spare the rod, spoil the cone!

Protect the Eye!

Humour us o Aqueous One!

Welcome to the Fluff Eye Cult!

User ImageWho Are We?
We're a group of active Gaians who love to play zOMG and visit the Ganglionic Great Eye God! You know. The giant eye thing that those barnacle fluffs are always raving about. It's totally great and not sketchy at all. I promise.

User ImageWhat Do We Do?
We earn a ton of platinum in SMOB while simultaneously worshipping the Eye God! Yay for multitasking! We also help new players to zOMG and will form crews for areas outside of Gold Beach.

User Image How Do I Join the Fluff Eye Cult?
It's easy! Go to Shallow Seas, located in Gold Beach, and find the Eye God:
The Eye God is located in the upper area of Shallow Seas a few screens to the right of the entrance that leads to Queen Lorelei.
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Once there, join the worshipping fluffs and stare into the great and mighty Eye for a good twenty seconds. If you do this correctly, you should start to feel dazed and begin to see stars. The Eye Sees You. The Eye Accepts You. Welcome to the Eye Cult.

...Or if you don't want to do any of that, then you can just click the "Join" button on this page. Worshipping the Eye God and joining the clan is absolutely free!