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Nearly 100 years have passed since the Galactic Police Officer, Haruhara Haruko, settled in the town of Mabase, Japan with the Nandaba family, wreaking havoc across with everything she did. Using Naota as a host, Haruko created N.O. Portals in his skull in order to attempt to pull Atomsk, the most powerful Space Pirate, into the real world. She nearly succeeded in her goal, but fell short when Naota absorbed Atomsk's powers for himself during a final showdown. Thereafter, they set out for Space in search the Space Pirate himself, but their efforts boasted no results. They went into hiding, and have not been heard from since, but many people still believe they are out there searching for Atomsk. A new generation of Galactic Police have taken over the orders to Capture Atomsk at all costs before the evil Medical Mechanica does. The Space Pirates are there to protect Atomsk from both Medical Mechanica and The Galactic Police Brotherhood, and to ensure that he does not fall into the wrong hands. Which side will you join, human, pirate, or police officer? Your decision could change the fate of the whole world.
General Rules

  • NO Godmodding
  • No Autohotting/Autoblocking
  • Listen to the mods, they are here to help
  • Do not disrespect the mods
  • Your RPC needs to take damage, you're not invincible
  • Follow the Gaia ToS