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Welcome to Final Fantasy VII Neo Midgar City!

The rules here are simple. Have fun and be friendly to other players. Drama and rudeness is not tolerated in this guild! Most of us are all adults, but be aware this is a PG-13 guild and is not family friendly. However, If there is to be a scene with sexual content, we ask you to please take it to PM or time skip the scene before it becomes too graphic. There is a stopping point! Lol.

Try to be as descriptive as you can in posting. It doesn't have to be a book, but we just ask that you try your best. One-liners or posts with little effort put in that do not advance the narrative will not be acceptable.

If you take on a character of the Final Fantasy series, you will be asked to make a sample of your Role Playing skill. We want to be sure those who take official characters know how to play them and we may deny the use of the character if the sample is not suitable. Original characters alternatively are very welcome.

When requesting to join, please put a sample of your RP skill in the join request and the character you wish to play. If it is an original of your own custom character, just do your best! If your join request is blank, you will be denied.

The story begins a year after the events of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Inexplicably, the Lifestream has begun to reform those who had previously lost their lives such as Aerith, Zack, and even Sephiroth. Though jarred at first, the citizens of the world began to acclimatize to this miraculous occurrence. However, one lingering question remained Why were they being revived? Was it temporary? Was there some great threat that the Cetra were trying to prepare for?

Perhaps just as amazing was that many other worlds began to collide and merge. While Gaia remains the world it once was, cities and communities from other places began to arrive along with the people who reside there. Heroes and villains alike began to flock to this world, confused and without knowing why or how. (Characters from other Final Fantasy games and other forms of fiction in general are welcome--as long as they are within reason!)

Mysterious shapeshifters began to call this world home and were perhaps the first of the newcomers to arrive. Their world is Serenity. The people of this place, the Serenitians, began to adjust to life merged with Gaia. No single world has as many people and places as Serenity and as such, the holy beings of this realm came to be known throughout.

Some years now pass since the arrival of the Serenitians, as well as the revival of Aerith and all those who perished. Many heroes joined Avalanche or the Shepherds and villains consistently try to subjugate the world by any means--or to simply destroy everything. Even ShinRa has gone back to its old ways, now led by an offworlder known as Tohru Adachi after the terrible murder of Rufus Shinra. Space and time are seemingly irrevocably being changed and bent as people claiming to be descendants of legendary heroes arrive from a supposed future. It all leaves one to wonder if things will ever return to the way it was; if the offworlder heroes and villains will ever return to the reality they originally knew.

In this amalgamation of heroism, villainy, bravery, confusion, time travel, spacial distortions and more--where will you be? What story awaits you? Will you make your mark?

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So come on and join to find out! Or else we'll send Hojo's crew after you...

Click for Character Availability! Characters marked with a * are also potentially available, just PM the one who currently plays them!

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