Welcome to Felix's Roleplaying Haven! It costs nothing to join, and you don't have to fill out those annoying applications. This is a semi-literate to literate roleplaying guild. Members get their own Subforum for their roleplay. Here is how you do it-

1. Send a PM to the Captain (Memoryless Warlock Felix). The subject must be the title of your roleplay. If it is not, it will be ignored and you will have to try again.
2. The PM must include your roleplay rules, the profile skeleton, the roleplay story, and any other additional information such as cities and villages, ect.
3. After the Captain has PMed you back approving your roleplay, you must send a trade of 2500 gold to the Captain.

2500 gold is how much a Subforum costs. We would donate the money ourselves, but this is your roleplay, not ours. However, once your Subforum has been completed, the Captain will post everything for your roleplay there in order to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. However....

There are open Subforums for 9 lucky people. And, once those Subforums are gone, one person gets to save half the 2500 gold and donate only a total of 1500 for their roleplay.

Subforums Open.... 8