This guild is based on the Fallout video game series.

Story thus far


A decade after the second battle of hoover dam the Mohave still feels the effects of the great conflict. The New California Republic has finally stabilized the area after pushing out Ceaser's Legion. Still, the massive casualties and the assassination of its president left the NCR with mixed emotions over its newly gained territory. With The once great Mr.House dead the NCR was able to annex the strip adding to the NCR's all ready staggering wealth, and with the threat of the Legion and Mr. House gone the NCR was able to refocus on clearing the Mohave of raiders and better serving its citizens. Unfortunately all is not well for the NCR. For despite the death of Ceaser and his Legate Lanious the Legion has managed to regroup under a new leader. For years they have watched and waited as the NCR was left to clean the mess made by the war. Now a decade latter the Legion has begun its march back into the sands of the Mohave, stronger than ever and ready to claim their long sought perfect empire.

Capital Wasteland

After the defeat and near annihilation of the Enclave the Capital Wasteland became a much safer place. With free, clean water for everyone and the Brotherhood working diligently to clear out the super mutants society was able to expand more than ever before. It was not without its problems however. Despite the Brotherhood's efforts super mutants and raiders are still a large threat in the wasteland. Also since Elder lyons passing 6 years ago the Brotherhood has undergone a major shift in philosophy. With the leadership of the elder gone the outcasts have rejoined the brotherhood and managed to persuade enough members to their side to seize power all together. Back to their more traditional ideals they have once again shut off outsiders and have begun enforcing a tax forcing settlements to hand over a set amount of electronics and other technology in exchange for protection or face having it taken by force. Because of their possession of a newly rebuilt Liberty Prime the settlements could do little to resist as several settlements have all ready been burned to the ground for their defiance. However there are rumors of an underground force working in secret to fight against the new oppressive rule of the Brotherhood.

How will the coming events unfold? Will the NCR maintain its hold on the Mohave? Or will the nation of slaves begin its legacy of Pax Romana. Will the Rebels help free the capitol wasteland? Or will they be crushed under the power armored boot of the Brotherhood? Good or bad, wrong or right, Mohave or Capitol wasteland. Either way there will be war, and war....war never changes......