UPDATE: The Guild Leader has given up on the guild. Please see announcement for more information.

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All requests are accepted. Anyone & everyone is allowed to join this guild!

This guild is a hangout for everyone on Gaia. Members are encouraged to talk about just about anything (much like in GD or CB), & the creative types can post their poems or artwork in a supportive environment, & maybe earn some gold in the process. People can also come find friends, compete in contests & giveaways, play word games, & much much more. Come join the fun!

News & Current Contests:
- Check the subforum titled "Auctions, Contests, Avi Art, etc", because this month's giveaway is open for business! (Check the announcements please, there won't be monthlies while the guild is under construction)
- Bump Crazy (The Contest) is available for posting. Every 100 pages, the first to post on that page will get the page #'s amount in gold. See thread for more info. (This is still running

Other monthly contests will be added once we've gotten a few more active members. Scroll down to see what some of these other contests are.

Future giveaway/contest & item ideas are always welcome.

Upcoming Updates & Contests:
- The 1000th member to join this guild will receive 1000 gold (just as the 1100th member will get 1100, the 1200th gets 1200, etc). I will continue this contest for every 100 members. If I choose to end this, I will post it here & give a reason.
- Once we get a few more active members in the guild, I will start the following contests:
Naughty avi contest
Poetry contests
Haiku contest
Avatar contests
Tektek contests
Tektek Worst avi contests
A tektek FaithBlack's avi contest
Art contests
Avi art contests
Knowledge contests
Most Embarrassing Moment contest
Self-Portrait contests
Caption contests
Funny Picture contests
Word Play contests, & tons more!

Newsletter Updates:
- The guild staff are currently working on a Monthly Newsletter that is sure to be informative & humorous. We're currently looking for a members to help us on certain aspects of it, like comics, opinion & advice columns, & tons more! If you'd like to be a part of this project, PM FaithBlack ASAP!
- We're also looking for advertisements to go into this Newsletter. For a small monthly fee, we can advertise for you in the Newsletter every month. If you would like price info on this, please see the bottom of each newsletter.

PM FaithBlack if you'd like your guild to become an affiliate.

Why Not?
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Infected Impurity
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All donations to this guild can either be sent directly to the guild via the form below (this gold will be used for subforum creation) or can be sent to FaithBlack2001(all gold sent to this account will be used for contests & giveaways).
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Thank you, & welcome to Faith Black's Multi-purpose Friend Guild!