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The world will never be peaceful, not with these mages running around- and you are one of them. You create your own Tale in Fiore, forge your own team and take the world by storm in order to become the strongest mage in all the Earth Land! With your guild by your side, nothing can take you down, unless you allow it. With monsters and shady Dark Mages prepared to strike you down, are you ready to raise your Celestial Key and take the fight to protect all you care about? As well as look effortlessly cool doing it?!

Vampire Queen

Organized chaos has stripped Fiore of its sense of safety, all thanks to the assiduous planning and strategy of an aspiring queen. She has initiated an attack upon the Magic Council and its guilds. Will you stay and fight her demonic army, or wreck havoc?

Individual Stories So Far:

Hailey's Mission: Hailey has successfully confronted and conquered her past with the assistance of her valiant friends: Mizuki, Chloe, Rin and Kawa. Our heroes return to Oshibana both relieved and inquisitive of what the obscure future holds for them. What will happen when our team of five discover that their beloved guilds have been blown to smithereens?

Fairy Tail: Rosa and Kimura didn't have to break a finger when it came to blowing up Fairy Tail into fairy-sized pieces of rubble. What will our glistening fairy mages do once they see their home in pieces?

Blue Pegasus: Skal had successfully slaughtered his way through Blue Pegasus, leaving behind his mark of pain and anguish to those who dare to ruin his Lady Evelyn's plans. With the blood of innocent Blue Pegasus Guild members splayed on the floor, what will become of Blue Pegasus now?

Sabertooth: Nebula had successfully infiltrated and shot her way through Sabertooth's ranks, particularly through the Guild's eldest member, Velimir. The gold demon would blow the guild hall into smithereens following the defeat of Sabertooth's strong-willed Guild Master, Chioma. After hearing 'voices' presumably from Chioma, Nebula took the man's dearest friend, Exceed Gryphi, as a war trophy. How will Sabertooth recover from this mad-woman's act of terrorism? And will Gryphi ever get her fish?!

Independent Mages: Auria's little occult shop had taken a large blow of Hemlock essence; whoever inhales too much of the invisible fumes would be paralyzed. Without a home and a source of income, Auria must depend on her coven sister, Circe Krauss to provide the young woman with a place to live. All the while, Kennosuke can only sit and question why he is friends with such strange women? At least Lulu got her cookies...