Our Story

Over a hundred years have passed since the time of Fairy Tail, but its legend still lives on. Tales are told, songs are sung, but none of the old heroes remain. In their wake, new guilds have begun to spring up, all aiming for the title of strongest guild in Fiore. The kingdom is enjoying an era of peace with its neighbors, but of course there are still the dark guilds to deal with. As always, the more legal guilds there are, the more dark guilds seem to start popping up.

As a young mage just starting your journey, you must decide. Will you join a legal guild, and fight to keep peace in Fiore? Or join a dark guild, and try to bring down all that previous heroes have fought for?

General Guild Rules

-Follow all Gaia rules and TOS
-Follow all RP Specific rules located here
-God-modding is not permitted in any situation
-Auto-hitting is not permitted in any situation
-Be respectful of all RPers no matter who they are
-Flaming, down-talking, or otherwise insulting other RPers is not permitted
-Spamming is not permitted
-Keep all post content pg-13 or below
-No one-liners, we all have bad days, or times when we don't have much to say, but try to keep your posts at least 2-3 sentences long.
-Use English, do not use IM speech such as 2day, ur, or other such butcheries of the English language. This is a literate RP guild so please endeavour to keep it as such
-Try to be realistic. If you use a lot of magic or a high level spell, your character is going to be tired and lose magic power quickly. Yes there are situations where mages can continue fighting past their limits, but those are rare.
-Advertising other guilds, websites, or forums is not permitted unless you are given permission by a guild moderator
-If you have a dispute do not hash in out in OOC. PM a moderator and they will resolve the dispute
-Guild moderators have the final say in any dispute
-If you catch anyone disobeying the rules please inform a guild moderator. You will be kept anonymous
-A current list of Guild moderators can be found in the main forum
-While you are permitted to create your own custom style of magic, it must be done through the custom magic request form located here. Anyone caught using a non-approved custom magic will be disciplined appropriately
-The above rule also applies for magical items. Items such as weapons, armour, charms, rings, etc. Must go through the magic item request form located here.
-In the event of any dispute over whether a custom magic and/or item has been approved, a current list of such can be found here.
-The Password is: Aye Sir!
-If you know a guild mate in real life, DO NOT give out any personal details, such as; names, addresses, or email addresses without their consent. THIS IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE WITH NO WARNING.
-Have fun
-The guild moderators reserve the right to alter these rules and restrictions at any time.

Consequences of disobeying the rules

Consequences will vary depending on the situation, but in general the following will apply

Break the rules once You will be warned not to do so again

Break the rules twice You will be given a sterner warning, and it is possible that a guild moderator will delete some of your posts.

Break the rules three times You will be banned. Depending on the case, it may be temporary, but in most cases your ban will be permanent. Continuous rule breaking will not be tolerated.

Definition of terms

- Declaring that you have hit an opponent without them agreeing to being hit and without giving them a chance to react or defend themselves. Example "Arthur used his “Purple net” spell and trapped Renashu whithin a net of fire.
GodModding/GodModing - A role playing term for when the character is impossible to hit, never gets hurt, has skills that no one can defeat and for pulling new skills out of thin air.
Character - The person the player is pretending to be. Abbreviated as RPC or PC.
Character Knowledge - Knowledge that the character has gained through play.
NPC - Non-Player Character, an "extra" or an opponent, someone the player is NOT.
Out Of Character - When the player is stating something or declaring something, not the character. Abbreviated as OOC or shown in forum like (( and )).
Player Knowledge - Knowledge that the player has that the Character does not.
Role playing - The action and reaction you do in playing and pretending to be your character. Abbreviated as RP or PRP for "Private Role Play"
Spamming - Posting multiple times in various places without the post being relevant to anything.
User/Player - The person playing the character, the person behind the computer.

How to join

Please submit a join request including the password and a reason for joining. The password is on this page. An RP sample is not required, but it is appreciated. Applications without a password or a reason will be rejected and blank applications will be ignored.

Once you’ve joined, make sure you read the rules thread and understand what’s there. This is expected of everyone, ignorance of the rules isn’t tolerated. Also note that you must have your profile finished before you're officially allowed to RP in the guild. If you have any problems understanding the rules, please ask a Crew member to explain any portion you don’t understand. There is also a Magic Academy that will help you begin your stay here in the guild.