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This Is a new generation of Fairy Tail, a few years later after the anime and manga. New guilds and members have been popping up lately, along with new missions and more trouble with the dark guild who has started to attack other guild's members when out on missions or just walking around towns.
So keep a sharp eye out for them, you never know when they'll attack. And remember, these times are more dangerous then before. You must learn to become the greatest wizard and help protect what you hold dearest, wither your alone or with friends, which path you chose to follow, which guild your a member of...well...thats up to you.


1) No god modeling.
2) No fighting out of the roleplay, take It somewhere else.
3) Blood, romance, and cursing are allowed but KEEP IT PG3!!
4) You can talk out of the rp but use (()) [[]].
5) Follow rules and you won't be banned or kicked, I'll give you three warnings.
6) Be nice, stay off my bad list and face fun!